Full Body Massage Service

This is a spa website; I am very keen to make a post for the spa. I am an escort worker and sometime I am also said to provide a spa to a client, but I have no experience and do not take it seriously. A few days ago, a client wanted to have spa and escorts service from me, he was ready to pay the desired amount but I have no experience to provide full body massage services.

 Here I am sharing my unusual experience with you, and how I provided it, first I was unwilling to provide full body massage service but payment was good that’s no reason to deny this duty.

 There was a table in the room upon which he had to be laid from back to front, face down, he was not looking at me, I stood back and started to touch his body, he was enjoying a massage, it was apparent that he booked especially for massage because there were no activities for erotic service, he was relaxed by body massage.

 After 30 minutes I stopped because my hand was feeling pain and it appeared that an actual massage is needed for me than him. I was rotating my wrist and said him to make a special arrangement like drinks with snacks.  He told me to provide 30 minutes massage continue then I told him that I am not a spa worker who will give him a massage, the guy was stubborn but I don’t care because I know better than to handle this type of attitude man.

He told me to repay the take money from him in advance after 25% deduction amount, I told him that here I will not return the money because I can’t get another client at this time you have spoiled him, I told him that just do for what me is booked and leave me, he told me that in anger situation how an intercourse program can be started it is an important question, here lots of matters, after 2 hours I left away from because the guy was in full attitude, he had no sense to talk a girl, using abuse words which was irritating my mind, here a link of the Aerocity Escorts Website that can help you to reach me, if you are looking for escorts service and also little massage service then you can book me I am available for you.

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